Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


  • Terms of Service
  • Return Conditions
  • Updates
  • Warranty

Permissions and Reasons

  • Access to People
  • Accessing Your Wall
  • Access to the Gallery
  • Accessing the Camera
  • Accessing the Microphone
  • Disk Burn Access
  • Internet Access
  • Access to Vibration Hardware

Parties and Abbreviations

  • İdris Çelik – Game Design (Briefly, We, Registered, Producer)
  • Customer (Briefly: You, Player, Customer, User)
  • Subject (Briefly: Game, Product, Artifact, Software, Production, Application)

Details and Explanations


Terms of Service

All of the productions that we publish for our Mobile, Desktop and Console Devices are presented to you as the download page or the subject mentioned in the introduction letter. We are not responsible for the problems that may arise as a result of the use of our aforementioned productions other than those described, and the works are presented to you for the relevant subject. Apart from this, its use is a situation that completely connects the user.

Return Conditions

The return conditions on the page of each publisher where you purchase or download the game are valid, and for the legal return periods and conditions, review and review the return conditions for the app store or market where you downloaded the game. Apart from that, we also offer a free version for you to try with each paid application. Although it is a free version, as a producer, for whatever reason, unfortunately, we cannot respond positively to requests for purchase and return of the paid version.


Updates are made when technical errors related to our productions are detected or new features are added. You can make your updates by using the relevant settings on your device or by checking the page where the game is distributed. As a producer, we keep the right to report the exact number of updated versions for any product we sell, and we do not make such a promise. Updates are put in a certain order by job or project density, and users can get the update whenever the job ends and is distributed. During the update, the game may require a higher operating system or higher hardware requirement, in such cases the user must compensate for this deficiency. While we are definitely developing the product, we do not get stuck on such a thing and do not guarantee and commit ourselves to our stay.


All of the productions we sell are put up for sale after passing various tests. Nevertheless, if an error is detected or notified that prevents us from playing or completing the game, we give absolute guarantee for the elimination of this error. But when you download the game, it is slow running, it responds late in the controls, it suddenly shuts down, and we do not give any guarantee for your hardware and the problems that concern you.

Permissions and Reasons

Access Permission for People

Some of the games we make will require these accesses when they are first installed, the people mentioned here are your other friends who are connected to the platforms you use. The aim is to show you and your friends score comparisons together and show your place in the world ranking. If you don’t give this permission, the game is played again, but your scores are not kept online.

Access to Your Wall

Generally, it is a permit we want about sharing your profile page in your social media account. We ask for this permission in order to use your performance and scoring information you receive to inform your other friends instantly. If you don’t give this permission, you can still play the game.

Access to the Gallery

Some games are designed with a customizable structure, so they ask for permission to record or use videos or images in the gallery. For example, it is used in operations such as saving a picture of the game to your gallery or asking you to choose a picture from your gallery for use within the game. If you don’t give this permission, the game will still work, but some functions that use this feature will not work.

Access to Camera

Again, it is a feature we use mostly in the game. While you are playing the game, he wants this permission because he wants to show you your image by placing it somewhere on the game. If you do not give this permission, the game will still work, but functions that depend on this feature will not work.

Access to Mic

It is the same as the above item, it is used to record what you say in the video while you shoot or play games. When you turn this feature off, the game still runs, but the related functions do not.

Disc Access

It is the permission to record on your device for the recordings or outputs made in the game or application. Depending on the application and function used when you do not grant this permission, the application will not work at all or may work limited.

Access to the Internet

Some of our games or apps need the internet, for example, used for saving leaderboards, ad playback, license checking, social media sharing or video sharing. When you do not grant this permission, the game or application will not work at all or will work limited depending on the content used.

Access to Vibration Hardware

When a warning or notification for the game is made in our games or applications, we sometimes want to notify you by using the device’s vibration. When you turn this feature off, apps will still work.

Please feel free to contact us whenever you have a problem.