Legendary Martyr – Just About to be Executed Undeservedly!

Martyr; just about to be executed undeservedly, he finds himself in another world. In here time works differently than ours. The mysterious man before him, “Dengeci“, told him things that no one right in the head would ever believe.

However, the things he saw and heard were real and he knew it. Ilyas (aka Black Ilyas) has to complete missions given to him, traveling various places in time. It is up to you to decide Ilyas’s homecoming and the ending of his story.

Martyr – A Mysterious Story

  • Fight in different missions at different times and places
  • Various myth beasts and boss
  • Gradually growing harder missions and immersive chapters
  • Only you can solve different puzzles
  • Fight and gather the trophies
  • Increase your character’s physical and mystical power
  • See the story with cinematic cutscenes
  • Complete the extra missions


Martyr Game available on the iOS, Ouya, and Windows

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